Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kaden Boy 2008!

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Forget The Blues by Dreamer's Magic Designs
January 2009 Semi-Homeade Template by LeenieLou Designs
I LOVED doing this layout! It was so fun to go through all Kaden's pictures from each month and choose one! It was kind of hard though! I think every picture of him is adorable so it was tough to choose only one from each month!

You can get this fabulous template for FREE in the Brownie Scraps forum under the Semi-Homeade Challenge. Eileen of LeenieLou Designs creates a new template each month for the challenge! So come join us and have some fun! The kit that I used with the template is called Forget The Blues by Dreamer's Magic Designs. It's a way cute kit and it's on sale for $1! What a great deal huh? You can pick it up at the Brownie Scraps store and Happy Scrapping!


Mindy said...

Okay Tiff- you are going to have to come over and teach me how to do this! I LOVE this template and would love to learn how to make a page with it! I love the page of Kaden boy and his 12 months in 2008!! The belly picture was very clever!!

Kristen said...

I think you should teach classes tiff. Wish you lived by me and we could do it together! Anyway what I want to know is did you crop the photos before you dragged them on? Or did you crop before? I have the problem with templates that my pictures always look weird!

Kristen said...

That didn't make sense! Did you crop the photos to a square size before you dragged them on, or resize them after you pulled them on?

Tiffany Webber said...

Mindy - I will definitely come over and teach you how to use it! You will love digi scrapping!

Kristen - No I don't crap the photos first. I resize them a little bit, then do the clipping mask, and then resize some more. I'm never actually cropping the photo, just resizing it and making sure the the proportions are constrained. I will show you when I come down to St Goerge k?

Love you both! Mwah!

Tiffany Webber said...

and when I say I don't "crap" the photos first, I mean to say I don't "crop" the photos first! bwahahah! That's funny!

Sheila said...

You do great work!