Monday, December 6, 2010

Aviator by JennCk Designs and Stolen Moments

I'm lovin' this collaboration kit from JennCk Designs and Stolen Moments Designs called Aviator. It has sort of a "vintagy" feel and I adore the color scheme! At the Children's Museum here they have this little airplane that the kids can sit in and pretend to fly. Every time we go there my DS loves the airplane and wants to sit in it forever! Usually to the point that I need to ask him to come out so another child can have a turn! So I thought this kit was perfect to scrap a picture of him at the Children's Museum! I used a template from Jenn's Dia de los Muertos Template Pack that I highlighted in the post below. Love Jenn's templates! They are fabulous! And because of the combined awesomeness of this awesome kit and Jenn's awesome Template Pack, I won Layout of The Day for my Layout at Brownie Scraps! Yay! Put a smile on my face! :)

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