Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tranquility by JennCk Designs

Layout below uses a template from Low Tide by JennCk Designs.
Layout below uses a template from Monster Jam by JennCk Designs.
I love this beautiful kit by JennCk Designs called Tranquility. It's designed to compliment a kit she made a while ago called Serene. Jenn also made some gorgeous Bits and Clusters to go along with this kit! Jenn is so good at clustering, they add the perfect touch to your layout and seriously cut the time it takes to make a layout in half!! They also give great inspiration for clusters that you want to create on your own! In my top layout, I used one of the clusters in the very bottom right picture (and I added a flower to it). It looks great doesn't it? And then it helped me with ideas on how to make my own clusters on the other two photos. I'm pretty sure this is the greatest kit ever if you love making clusters with flowers! I really loved using it!

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