Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Low Tide Kit & Template Pack by JennCk Designs

Low Tide - Kit
Low Tide - Template Pack
In May we went to San Diego for a family vacation and went to Mission Beach one night. It was really windy and getting really cold, but my husband couldn't resist letting my little boy have his first experience with the ocean. I have to admit that at first I really just wanted to go back to the hotel, but my husband said "No way!" and took my little boy down to the water! They ran up and down the beach and chased the waves while I took pictures! It was such a sweet experience watching them run and have fun. It reminded me to quit being such a complainer and enjoy the beautiful things in this world that God has given us. The top layout is of my husband taking my little boy down to the water to feel the ocean for the first time in his life! It kind of makes me cry that I almost didn't let him! But luckily I did, and I thought Low Tide by JennCk Designs was the perfect kit to document it with! It's kind of a precious picture when you know the whole story isn't it? :) I journaled about it in a different layout, but I loved how this kit brought out the beautiful sunset and the mysteriousness of the ocean!

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